White Light Education operates from the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language area (Gold Coast, Australia) online and in-person across the world through a network of like-minded collaborators. We believe in the broad potential of design to create positive change. We share our unique design approach with individuals and organisations who have the courage to tackle complex challenges.

We believe in the creativity and potential of every individual, the wisdom within every group, and the power of play. We also recognise the importance of basing any design process around the voice of a lived experience. We create safe spaces for our clients to thrive, blending training and capacity-building with a focus on measurable impact. Our work tends to focus on Culture, Innovation, Co-Design and Design Thinking however doesn’t always fit neatly into these boxes.

Although we serve a diverse range of clients from the public, private, and education sectors, we are particularly passionate about working with young people and those who support them. We recognise that empowering this generation with the skills and tools to thrive is an investment in the future of our and their planet

The pandemic gave us an opportunity to master the delivery of highly engaging online experiences. We’re now embracing a new world of hybrid and face-to-face experiences where human connection can be further enhanced with technology.

Our clients tell us that they appreciate our energetic and passionate approach to facilitating workshops and projects, and our ability to adapt and bring diverse teams together to achieve exceptional results. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with our clients and working closely with them to deliver meaningful outcomes that bring about real change and growth.

Our Team

Christian Duell - Founder

Christian is an award-winning educator, facilitator and social entrepreneur, who founded White Light Education in 2016. Christian specialises in offering facilitation and training in Culture, Innovation, Co-Design and Design Thinking.

He is passionate about empowering individuals and organisations through creativity to achieve greater freedom and quality of choice. With a background in design and over 20 years of experience in education and facilitation, Christian has an exceptional ability to bring teams of diverse individuals together to achieve common goals.

Christian's clients commend his exceptional organisational skills, boundless energy, adaptability, guidance and coaching skills.


Matt Healey

Over the last ten years Matt has worked across several different fields and sectors; international and higher education, research, not-for-profit and consulting and is the founder of First Person Consulting.

His interests and experiences are diverse - from designing and implementing multi-year, multi-site (and on occasion multi-country) evaluations, working with teams on designing programs and interventions for complex problems, or just generally being a collaborator and critical friend for projects.

Matt is passionate about team efforts and in getting to where we need to go.

Maddy Miller

Maddy is a social research and evaluation consultant with a background in public health and community development. Recently, Maddy has worked on evaluation projects spanning health promotion, social justice, and disaster response and recovery with diverse stakeholders.

She enjoys working with clients through participatory and systems-based approaches, and is skilled at developing and conducting data collection using mixed methods, with a particular focus on qualitative techniques to elicit meaning and impact through narrative.

Dr. Patrick Gilmour

With a diverse background in research and consulting, Patrick has a broad base of experience in facilitation, research and program design. He has worked extensively in sustainability, natural resource management and climate change, but has also worked on projects that range from bushfire recovery to leadership capability building.

Patrick has a practical and pragmatic approach to projects, with a focus on delivering products that are of genuine use and value to clients.

Hannah Lohman

Hannah is an experienced clinician and manager in the community mental health space. With a background in criminology and social work and having experienced firsthand the challenges that come with working in emotionally demanding roles, she is committed to supporting individuals, teams and organisations to find more sustainable, healthy and productive ways to work.

Hannah’s compassionate leadership approach has led to excellent outcomes regarding staff productivity, retention and wellbeing. She is passionate about helping to create the conditions for active participation and ownership by those providing services as well as those accessing them.